Antenna Barriers

Several manufacturers of remote controls for cranes installed in classified areas use radio controls to eliminate cables.

Wireless Crane controls are now becoming more common: the purpose is to give the operator more freedom to move around.
This also eliminates cables that restrict movement and can eventually breakdown or ware out.

Usually the hand held remote control is intrinsically safe, but the receiver is not.

To safely transmit and receive control transmissions, Solexy RX antenna coupler is installed into the Exd receiver housing.

This allows safe transmission of signals in zone 1* areas.

* Area in which it must be assumed that an explosive atmosphere with a mixture of air and flammable substances in the form of gas, vapor or fog arises during normal operation.


Does not take up any space inside the housing

Allows the use of standard passive antennas

No seal gland is required

Standard coax cables can be used to extend the location of the antenna.

The Solexy RX coupler provides a seal and protects the RF signal with intrinsically safe circuitry preventing any external possibility


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Antenna Barriers