Ethernet barriers

Purged panels are another way to protect electrical circuits.

The panel housing of the electrical controls is purged with air to maintain a small amount of pressure above atmosphere.

This insures no explosive gasses can enter into the enclosure causing a spark ignition and creating an explosion.

These panels are monitored with pressure sensors and shut down on the event of depressurization.

The Solexy BX Ethernet barriers are used in purged panels where an Ethernet connection is required.
Since Ethernet transmits from each end of the system, protecting one end only is not enough: ethernet is a 2-way communication protocol.

Using Solexy Ethernet barriers at both ends prevents any risk, providing protection at both ends (sources) because the power coming through the Ethernet cable is intrinsically safe and reduces voltage and power to known safe values.


Installation cost saving

Reduced maintenance time

Ease of operation

No internal space required


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