Antenna Barriers

Gas Detection is required to protect human and animal life in areas where hazardous, explosive or poisonous gas could be present.

These devices are used in many areas in the mining, drilling and many other upstream and downstream processes.
They will transmit an alarm signal upon the presence of a detected gas.
Manufacturers of wireless gas detectors for hazardous areas such as oil and gas drilling sites incorporate our antenna coupler into their wireless gas detector design.
Most of the gas detectors on the market are Exd (explosion proof).
The requirements for wireless gas detection are growing, due to its ease of installation and set up.More manufacturers are integrating their wired circuitry design into a wireless radio module design.
Since the requirements for the location are classified hazardous, the radio and internal circuitry must be protected as not to produce a spark ignition.
By using the Solexy RX antenna couplers, the transmitted signal can easily get out the metal explosion proof housing with a flame proof connection and an intrinsically safe radio signal.
Solexy Wireless enables wireless gas detection in areas where it doesn’t make sense to have process cables


Does not take up any space inside the housing

Allows the use of standard passive antennas

No seal gland is required

Standard coax cables can be used to extend the location of the antenna


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Antenna Barriers