Antenna Barriers

In mining application there is equipment used to transport product, people and supplies.

There is also equipment that is used for excavating and removing material during tunneling, and in the mining process removing coal from the mine.

By utilizing the Solexy RX antenna coupler in combination with a radio installed in an Exd box on the equipment, the system will broadcast data regarding the machine’s engines critical data for predictive maintenance purposes.

The radios installed in the Exd enclosure must get the signal out of the explosion proof box.

The Solexy RX antenna coupler provides an explosion proof connection and an intrinsically safe barrier to insure there is no external spark ignition from the control enclosure.

By using the Solexy heavy-duty flexible antenna (The Noodle) damage to an antenna is eliminated.

This helps to prevent machine breakdown and blocking of the mineshaft.


Does not take up any space inside the housing

Allows the use of standard passive antennas

No seal gland is required

Shock resistant antenna

The Solexy RX antenna coupler insures no external spark ignition from the control enclosure


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Antenna Barriers