Ethernet barriers

Natural gas is supplied in large volumes at high pressure to keep the size of the transmission lines as small as possible. When it reaches an area that will be using the gas such as residential, commercial or industrial, the pressure has to be reduced to be compatible with HVAC, or other equipment requiring natural gas.
This is when you use a natural gas pressure reducing station.

Natural gas pressure reducing stations are provided with a control system that is installed in an explosion proof box with a PLC insidemonitoring sensors and controlling valves.
Occasionally, maintenance people need to change PLC configuration or read data logs.
By utilizing the Solexy BX Ethernet couplers, they can interface their Laptop located in safe area with the control system, using a few meters of Ethernet cable, without removing power or shutting down the system and monitoring for explosive gases.
Prior to the Solexy patented technology the area had to be made safe by switching off all power.
There is no need to open the explosion proof junction box or monitor the area using a hazardous area gas detector.


Installation cost savings

Reduced maintenance time

Ease of operation

No internal space required


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Ethenet barriers