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Bluetooth wireless communication was first developed for communication in short distances for computer peripherals such as keyboards and mouse application.

This protocol has grown in application not only by devices but also by power and transmission distances.

Traditionally used to convert serial communications to wireless.

The Solexy explosion proof serial to Bluetooth converter in combination with an explosion proof battery is perfect for wellhead data extraction.

The Exd wireless Bluetooth transmitter assembly is mounted on top of an oil-drilling tower. The Bluetooth transmitter device is connected to down hole sensors that are imbedded into the drill bit.

The Solexy Bluetooth transmitter broadcasts a serial signal through a Bluetooth radio transmission.
This package is designed to be explosion proof and meets the requirements of the classified area and the demands on the tough environmental conditions at a wellhead-drilling site.


Set up and tear down time is minimal reducing cost

The Solexy Bluetooth transmitter package is rotating together with the drill reducing issues of serial cable damage

Rugged design to meet wellhead drilling environments

Cost effective solution to replace hard wiring methods


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