Radio Solutions

Certain valves are required to be monitored for their performance especially valves insuring safety such as emergency shutdown or valves used to supply water to fire systems.

The requirement is to partially open/close these valves to check that they can respond timely to an open or close command signal.
Manufacturers of wireless “Partial Stroke” systems, utilizing wireless Bluetooth, incorporates the Solexy RX antenna coupler along with a Solexy heavy duty antenna in combination with a wireless control system they manufacture to perform partial stroke tests on valves.
With a Bluetooth radio embedded in the electronics and the Solexy RX antenna coupler, the signal transmission is protected from flame propagation or spark ignition to the hazardous surrounding area.
There is a provided app for an intrinsically safe smart phone and through Bluetooth the operator can run the valve stroke test without any physical connection to the valve.


No space required inside the housing

Allows the use of standard passive antennas

No seal gland is required

Standard coax cables can be used to extend the location of the antenna


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