Radio Solutions

Video monitoring is very popular in areas that could be hazardous to people and equipment. This is used also for security monitoring.
A good example would be to secure an area against intrusion or equipment damage.
In areas where it is not possible to have humans enter or totally unmanned areas, the cameras are used as eyes to monitor the equipment and instrumentation such as indicator gauges.
Solexy provides multiple products to companies (System Integrator) providing video monitoring systems.
They combine our products with explosion proof webcams with Ethernet port(s).
Solexy offers two products that complete this application
  • Explosion proof Wi-Fi client
    where the camera is connected to our Exd Wi-Fi client, that is used to stream data through an existing Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Explosion proof Cellular routers
    where the camera is connected to a Solexy Ex d cellular router, that is used to stream data through a 3G or 4G/LTE cellular network


Compact design

Easy Installation and set up

Cost effective

Antenna Installation flexibility



Haz Loc Radio Solutions