Radio Solutions

A Wi-Fi network provides wireless internet connectivity in a local location connecting you to the world wide web: this is defined as a Local Area Network (LAN).

Companies specializing in Wi-Fi infrastructures providing connectivity in hazardous locations use the Solexy explosion proof access point.

This is a rapidly growing market due to the increased availability of intrinsically safe tablets, phones and laptops that are utilized by maintenance personnel to access data or retrieve data from smart control equipment.

These devices require a Wi-Fi infrastructure.

System Integrators and OEM’s buy the RX antenna coupler to use in combination with a Cisco access point and a commercially available explosion proof housing.

This is the easiest way to “upgrade” a standard Cisco (or other brand) access point into a Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 rated package.

The Solexy access point is extremely competitive, compact and easy to install.
In this same application there is a lot of specified equipment: larger companies and supporting engineering firms quite often specify a specific access point or router such as Cisco and others.


Compact design

Easy Installation and set up

Cost effective

Antenna Installation flexibility



Haz Loc Radio Solutions