Point to Point RF

Solexy’s Radio Modems are available for Point to Point wireless connectivity of Serial or Ethernet connections in a VHF (169MHz) or UHF (868MHz)  frequencies.
Explosion proof ethernet radiomodems20191018100102

Explosion proof ethernet radiomodems

Integrated web server to configure the device and check the Radio Network Status through a dedicated utilities...
Explosion proof modbus RTU radiomodems20191018095218

Explosion proof modbus RTU radiomodems

Secure transmission data thanks to AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) at 128 bit...
Explosion proof VHF & UHF radiomodems20191016154840

Explosion proof VHF & UHF radiomodems

VHF/UHF simplex/half-duplex high quality radiomodem...


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Looking for hazardous location telemetry equipment?

Solexy best technology for RF antenna barrier and ethernet barrier for hazardous areas and UHF antennas for hostile environments

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