Antenne dipolo flessibili


L’antenna flessibile di Solexy è progettata per ambienti duri, questa insieme alla linea heavy duty sono la risposta per la richiesta di resistenza in alcune applicazioni complicate, rimanendo però economiche e durature

Le antenne di Solexy hanno soddisfatto le richieste e son ben conosciute tra le industrie dell’oil & gas

Flex Technology

This Highly flexible antenna was designed to meet the requirements of a high traffic environment, one hit and it bounces right back. It also has over a 25Kg (55 lbs.) pull strength. This antenna has the signal dependability of a Dipole antenna and the flexibility to bounce back from any hit.

ANF Heavy Duty series

Rugged construction allows the use of our antennas in hostile envinronments where weather and abuse are a factor.


Available for 868 MHz, 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz

N Male connector

Available for vertical or 90° mounting

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    Antenne heavy duty

    UHF antenna for hostile environments