SOLEXY, formerly known as SOLDO WIRELESS, specialises in devices and technology for radio transmissions in explosion risk classified areas and heavy environment like refineries, chemical planst, mines, off shore rigs
SOLEXY is active in two locations:
Desenzano del Garda, Italy
where the R&D department is located and where the manufacturing according to IECex and Atex standards is based.
This location services European, Asian, African, Australian, Central America and South American markets.
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
where the manufacturing of standard components according to North American standards is based.
This location services the US, Canadian and Mexican markets.

In 2003, our products were among the first wireless industrial products on the market. We originally specialized in limit switches but eventually developed and sold other sensors as well.
To enable this technology to be used in our typical markets of refineries, chemical plants and up-stream processes, we realized the need to develop products that would allow use of this wireless technology in classified areas. Our flameproof intrinsically safe barriers for radios allowed transmission of RF signals into classified “Hazardous Areas”.
Expanding on the need of this technology in industrial environments, we developed a line of industrial antennas that meets the demanding requirements and hostility of the process environment. Upon realizing the demand to protect other signals, we developed a solution for Ethernet.
It is now possible to transmit Ethernet signals from explosion proof enclosures or purge panel systems into a hazardous area with the use of our Ethernet barrier, without the cost of additional sealing devices, area rated conduit systems or costly “active” intrinsically safe barriers.
All of our products are inspired by our patented intrinsically safe barriers in a flameproof enclosure that combines the features of an instrinsically safe barrier and fully approved sealed flameproof connection in a single, installation-friendly package.
Today SOLEXY provides a variety of barriers and antenna systems, as well as hazardous area purge and explosion proof integrated package solutions for Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Modbus and other busses. We pride ourselves in wireless technology and the use of it in hazardous areas. 

All products are approved and monitored under multiple approval directives such as UL, ATEX, IECEx and MSHA.