Weatherproof Coaxial RF Passthrough / Bulkhead (AW Series) Connector



Several antenna connectors available


Epoxy sealed connector


Rugged 3/4” NPT-m, 1/2” NPT-m, M25x1,5 or M20x1,5


Solexy’s Weather-Proof Antenna Coupler permits the installation of antennas in outdoor and hose down areas.
This coupler is designed to be used directly with any weather-proof (IP67, Nema 4, or 4X) housings or conduit fittings.

An internal epoxy encapsulate ensures no moisture ingression from the external environment.
The coupler’s robust design allows for connection to practically any radio and antenna.

It is a highly flexible and cost effective solution to environmentally challenging radio installations.

Environmental Protection

300 series stainless steel construction or nickel plated brass and integral potting protects electronics from corrosive environments.


Permits a wide variety of passive antennas to be installed.

Antenna Connection

Type N female, RP-SMA female, BNC female or TNC female connection available for antenna connection.

Radio Connection

Most all 50 Ω connections are available (see ordering guide)

Housing Connection

Rugged 3/4” NPT-m, 1/2” NPT-m, M25x1,5 or M20x1,5 external threads are available for connection into housing or enclosure.

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