Explosion Proof & I.S. Ethernet Barrier Coupler Fitting



Ability to make or break connection without removing power from the connected ethernet device


Intrinsically safe ethernet allows the use of standard CAT5 cables in hazardous locations


Does not consume valuable explosion proof enclosure volume


weather prof industrial connection


Solexy’s patented (7,507,105) Explosion-Proof/intrinsically Safe Ethernet Coupler allows for the transmissions of Ethernet into hazardous areas with a standard RJ45 connector.
With the Solexy Ethernet coupler it’s possible to connect any standard Ethernet devices located in a hazardous or safe area.

The BXF explosion proof and intrinsically safe barrier is certified for installation in hazardous areas and BAF intrinsically safe barrier is suitable for installation in safe areas and purged systems.
The BXF is designed to be used with any UL, CSA, ATEX or IECEx listed explosion proof housing without the need of a seal fitting taking up no internal space.

The BAF is designed to be used in safe areas directly with any CAT5 or CAT5e cable system.
The BAF is also designed to be used with air purge panel systems.

A BXF and/or BAF coupler is required on each end of a cable installation for full protection of both the RX and TX lines.

No Sealing Fitting Required

BXF couplers are pre-approved for hazardous locations and can be installed with a simple wrench and no potting compounds. Eliminates the need for costly seal fittings, and reduces the chance of error associated with field installed sealing practices.

Corrosion Resistant

The BXF series, made from 300 series stainless, protects the fitting from corrosive environments, sealing fittings are typically constructed of aluminium or galvanized steel, neither being well suited for the process industry.

Environmental Protection

All required circuitry is recessed into fitting and encapsulated against harsh environments; this is impossible with conventional sealing methods.


Ethernet cables can be Hot Connected or Disconnected without powering down the system. This is critical for temporary connections such as PLC or VFD programming

Industrial M12 “D” connection

With this secure weather proof industrial connection, cable installation and removal can be accomplished without removing power.

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ATEX certificate
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IECEx certificate
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All of our products are inspired by our patented intrinsically safe barriers in a flameproof enclosure that combines the features of an instrinsically safe barrier and fully approved sealed flameproof connection in a single, installation-friendly package.

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