Explosion proof VHF & UHF radiomodems



Low power consumption in both RX and TX mode with selectable power saving mode by software and on/off switching controlled via DTR criteria

Store and Forward

Store & Forward mode with 1024 byte maximum buffer size

Adaptive Frequency Agility

Adaptive Frequency Agility on 2 or 3 channels

Software configuration

Complete configuration by means of a PC through dedicated software


Solexy radiomodem is a VHF/UHF simplex/half-duplex high quality radiomodem operating on 12.5 kHz, 25 kHz or 50 kHz channels available in 169 MHz and 868 MHz band in accordance with European Decision 2005/928/CE.

These products were developed as a licence free device.
Solexy radiomodems are supplied complete with a RS232 / RS485 interface, optoisolated input and relay output installed in our explosion proof housing SWA and SWS series that allows a serial data transmission in classified area Ex.

Solexy radiomodems are fully transparent to the user and configurable from the PC by means of a dedicated software for the desired functions.

Advanced Protocol

Point to point, Point to Multipoint, Broadcasting mode or Adresses management, Adresses stored in configuration or from DTE, Digipeater mode, Remote configuration through radio network, Adresses reversing for the answer, Echo function

Transparent Serial transmission data plus extra digital input/output

Serial trasmission RS232 or RS485 transparent to the user plus optoisolated input and relay output may be used for alarms and/or actuation

Download area

Download the datasheet to read complete Technical Specifications and nomenclature


ATEX certificate
ATEX certificate
IECEx certificate
IECEx certificate


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