RF junction boxes


Heavy duty construCtion

Explosion proof Ex d IIC enclosure made in alluminum (HWA series) or stainless steel (HWS series)

Weather proof

IP66 / IP68

Cable entries

M25x1,5 or 3/4” npt-f

Temperature range

-40°C to +80°C


Solexy’s Explosion proof RF junction boxes are specifically designed to allow a radio frequency coax cable junction/extension in hazardous location.
There are many installations in Radio Frequency where you are going from a non-rated area to a hazardous area. With the Solexy HWA and HWS series RF Junction boxes there is now a solution to this type of installation.

With our RX series Antenna connection and the HWA/HWS series junction box an hazardous area field connection can now be made.
Utilizing the RX antenna coupler the antenna is not required to be Haz Loc or Ex rated.

This simple solution is available with many options with coax connections and Antennas or as a cable connection to an antenna mounted on a mast.
Solexy’s Explosion proof RF junction boxes are available in two configurations, the HWA series is a more cost effective option that is manufactured from corrosion resistant low copper aluminum. The HWA series is powder coated to prevent corrosion in harsher outdoor environments. The HWS series is manufactured in 316 Series Stainless Steel (CF8M).

This box is built for the toughest environments when nothing else but Stainless will do.

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ATEX certificate
ATEX certificate
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IECEx certificate


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