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The Solexy VHF and UHF explosion proof Radiomodems and Modbus RTUs allows for a wireless point to point or point to multipoint connection between 2 up to 250 devices. Eliminating costly cables and connections required for hazardous locations resulting in major cost savings.
The VHF&UHF RTUs are housed in a Solexy WA Corrosion resistant Powder coated Aluminum Enclosure (SWA) or the WS Electro-Polished AISI 316 (CF8M) stainless Steel enclosure (SWS). The Radio transmission is protected through a Solexy RX/AX series Ex and intrinsically safe antenna coupler.
Designed to operate with RS232 or RS485, the SWA and SWS units are complete with one optically isolated digital input, and one relay output that can be used for radio transmission of digital signals and alarms.
The SWA and SWS series radiomodems operate in the European free-use bands, according to ERC 70-03, at 169MHz or

4 operating modes software programmable: mirror point to point, point to multipoint, broadcasting, and digipeater which allows multipath data routes, to ensure data delivery.
The Low power design along with the power saving function, allows for extended battery life.
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